(at the workbench) – following along

After today, perhaps the thaw will be complete and their tracks will have melted away.


Which will leave me to imagine where there lives travel….



For now, I’ve had the chance to make a few more cast animal tracks. Right now the collection includes: cotton tail rabbit, elk, badger, muskrat, antelope, mountain lion, skunk, jack rabbit and a few others.



(glimpses) – day break

spring has warmed us all

i can finally see in the growing warmth, a different light … warmer and more inviting than even the week before … I think my heart has even thawed so very happy to say goodbye to a winter that has certainly overstayed it’s welcome…

beautiful wide blue slies above

right now the seasons here won’t be rushed…while other parts have already past their spring and already into steamy heat, we still have the coming weeks to see spring turn the world from brown to green again

even the sweet row houses of once home to textile worker in our little historic mill village stand waiting for the warm light to come their way …

these first sightings are still rare sights…

these are a few my own littlest of flowers just finished that emerged while the other sleeping ones wait unearth themselves …

and  my own little stand of toadstools likewise just about done while we wait for a little mushroom hunting to begin after april showers arrive… otherwise,  i’ve had some little people in the works as well.these last couple of weeks… as usual they are a shy folk, but hope I can introduce them to you soon 🙂

thanks so much for visiting!

(at the workbench) – small beginnings

it’s true, people do not hibernate… but in some ways, maybe they do. right now more than ever it feels  so much like waking from a dream.

the past six months have been covered in a snow blanket, that only just now is being pulled back to show the sleepy earth getting ready to wake.  strange how much lighter i feel as it all melt away…

this year more than any other spring was seeming that bit always out of reach, but now we really are nearly there …


and the raised garden beds have surfaced and it’s rain instead of snow falling softly today …

(glimpses) – these things are

while warmer spring time days are oh so slowly returning, we had a really nice weekend with a simple, tasty easter meal (a little different from what’s become our traditional fare).

dessert was a strawberry icebox cake made with a very simple homemade vanilla custard… it was very good 🙂  We made this first as it needed time coming together in our “ice box”

for dinner itself, we made a simple but delicious pairing of roast asparagus and pan-seared portobello mushrooms with rolled chicken cutlets filled with caramelized onions and artichoke hearts. a recipe i put together hoping to make our simple meal a little more special.
for the rest of our meal, i was reminded of all the good things that are yet to come when spring thaws the rest of the snow banks.  hope this easter weekend was wonderfully delicious for you and your family too!