(at the workbench) – the aunties come to visit

Just a picture or two of the visiting aunties and uncle. Peter and Lotte are always happy to see them  ,looking forward to all the adventures the day ahead will hold.

It was very special for me to have this extended, happy family working their way through my workbench. As a custom order,  I can’t help wondering what sort of days they are having in their new home.

Ps:  I’ve just listed another set here just in case you have some of your own ideas how they might spend the day with you. 🙂

(at the workbench) : inside blueberry land

in blueberry land
I am thinking of those long days of summer to come,

mrs cranberry

a quiet observer is very likely to spy the cranberry and blueberry folk at work. and there are many things you might never have known about this little folks otherwise …



and like the forest families, they are a very busy folk. live is very good in blueberry land.
I’m so happy to have to have made their acquaintance…
 hope you have a beautiful week!

(at the workbench) – he will return

in the back of my mind even as gorgeous autumn is still in full color, thoughts of him linger…with all his mightiness and reach… king winter like no other tells us we must prepare for his return… i share just this one quick picture for now as all things are swirling faster like the falling autumn leaves caught on the wind…sending you warming wished wherever you may be!

(at the workbench) – they grew like toadstools

who’s to say where the children will find themselves today?

a forest makes a most wonderful playground for tom, harriet, sam and daisy

as “Children of the Forest” everyday brings them to some unknown adventure, but today what will it be ?

ps…  should the north winds blow, they’re now ready for that too! … such resourceful children I’d say. 🙂 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

(at the workbench) – hardworking forest folk

our family is so very tiny (my daughter and myself), but the forest families are not so much so … let me introduce you to forest papa who has just arrived to join forest mama and  elsa beskow’s “children of the forest”

and a resourceful forest gnome and jack frost … who have just appeared from deep in the woods to make their way to wintry places in the southern hemisphere….



and mr acorn who also joins he’s family after his long day at work ….


there may just be a few more additions before the week is through! And very happy summer or winter as the case may be!:)