(glimpses)- this story begins underfoot

How it’s rained! It has been all downpours and showers these past days in a grey world turning lush. Except for my impatience to start a garden (our planting zone must mostly wait until the Memorial Day weekend)  and feel warm sunshine, spending time inside nestling with a new project feels very good.


From inside  I  watch the rain turn the grass green again and branches buds begin to open.


I cannot help but think of all the enchanted fairy tales that sprout silently in the forest as once sleeping shoots and roots giving birth to a new story waiting to be written.


My daughter came home with this beautiful linoleum block she made. And while the print remains at school, I am very eager to print it myself  and see this lovely scene.


Impatient once again I think, but I can’t remember seeing a friendlier, happier little bat!

signs of spring

I  am gathering these small begins and drawing the landscape of the story that is soon to come. More soon!

early spring violets and wildflowers


(at the workbench) -a study in the life of a mushroom

Yesterday the last day of February and a leap day besides was filled with rain and I couldn’t help but feeling that April showers had arrived very early and March flowers might appear soon.

New England is certainly not know for early springs, but this year, fooling the senses with the sun shining warmly, the ground starting to soften and a not so little hope in the implausible.  So ton this first day of March (though temperatures are still below freezing as I write this),  thoughts of spring, gardens and flowers are easy.

Beside for a bit of foraging, it would be easy to get lost in a comfortable armchair with a stack of field guides and books reading up on these pretties.


I’ve been thinking about just what toadstools might crop up in the soil of  dreaming imagination; these are a few of the variety in the works I saw in my mind:


robin egg blue toadstools

robin egg blue toadstools (wip)






(glimpses) – outbreak

be warned! dandelion outbreak in progress … in a day or so with a a bit rain and lots of beautiful sunshine,  the dandelions have swept through the field as we had our backs turned….

spring certainly is in full force now and this is just what we had been waiting for….

and it hasn’t taken long for the maples and birches to follow…all at once, all is racing forward now…

in the studio, a long overdue reorganization and tidying has started …

i’ve started with the easier bit, while I figure out best to re-situate workshop machinery and work surfaces

and a little something different I’ve been working on some pottery and ceramics pieces over the last few months…
a carved ceramic tile with a very proud stallion against starry night sky … just a sketch of some ideas for new projects I hope to be working on for the fall 🙂
some of hand thrown bowls that have been fired once and awaiting glazing and second firing (I was in a rush this day, so managed to take some very fuzzy pictures!)

the first set that I made that have come home with me and are getting used at dinner regularly:)

well I guess that’s it for now …hope you are having a great week!

(at the workbench) – tools of the trade

this is where I had written the post last week … but some unhappy strangeness has made it all disappear 
(there are times I really, really do not like working with blogger and this definitely counts as one)
that said these are a few pictures of a updated  version of the woodworker’s tool sets I’ve been working on in April.
it’s been a few years now since I’ve offered Woodworker’s Tool Set for the Very Young.

the new updated sets made from a beautiful native maple will ready soon … but for now a few pictures in process …..

between some gorgeous days of sunshine, we have had lots of rain …
and have been learning which roads are friendly and which are not … at least now this risky behavior is well marked with bright orange signs the roads department has put up to warn us that turning back is the wiser choice….have a great weekend and stay well!