(at the workbench) – slow pokes and tall tales

I’m wondering why these young fellows have been so slow to show themselves here? Could it be that they’re just a little bit shy? For such adventurous pigs, it makes me wonder!

Perhaps we’ll find out more about what they’ve been up to in the weeks to come…. I’m sure they’ve been busy since they begin their travels….

at least I have this lovely snapshot of them with their hairs brushed and their brand new clothes on. They certainly will have a lot to say, when hen next we meet up!  hoping you have a wonderful weekend, what ever you may be doing!

(around the table) – life as a giant

Besides the snake that has found a cool space to rest between the raised garden beds and the fence that acts as a shield against the garden marauders, all the growing things take small breaths between the changing weather lifting themselves up a little at a time ….

We are out with the return of the sun to see what has changed since the stormy weather has gone by…..and this is how we discover our life as giants ….

down below our feet, in the freshly shorn grass, the sun flashes tiny, bright and red … catching our eyes…

below our feet, as we must sit down and lean our heads low to see,  we discover the smallest berries that ever grew…

we we make ourselves a  tiny feast … stay very still and look carefully beyond the leaves that shelter the wild berry patch …

we find something indescribably happy about these hidden treasures….

we gather berries mixed from the garden and the field: the ever bearers, the little alpines and the ever so little wild ones… inside we make a tiny feast of little pancakes topped with mixed strawberries that have been so quickly eaten … no pictures were taken soon enough …

This is how our life as giants has gone on the first day. How would you feast on little hoard of found ruby-like treasures?

at the workbench – At the Center of the Earth

Stories written long ago speak of …  an ancient tree that grew at the center of the Earth ….And  the tree is very old … but not as old as the Earth …

And near that tree was a village…. At the center of the village was a well …. it is at this well that all the people came together early each morning … to smile,  talk,  and learn the the latest news of their neighbors … but not least of all was to draw fresh, cool water from deep within the Earth.

 At the workbench, I have been building a wooden village piece by piece and wondering where our “village well” is ? …  What gathering place we have that refreshes us in this way?

Wishing you a wonderful day and a happy Earth Day every day!