(glimpses) – not everyday

roadside botany

No matter how much I think life will just settle down, there always seems to be an unexpected turn of events. We’ve been wrapped up in family matters couple of weeks with a family member hospitalized with a fracture to the hip. Returning back home from our time away to projects that were in midstream and to what will again be a normal, everyday time.

roadside botany

I realize I hadn’t yet had the time to blog about these roadside portraits I had been working on. I’ve always had a love for botanical studies and nature sketches, maybe it shows in my work. These easily overlooked, humble wildflowers and plants some how call out to me to be noticed.

roadside botany

So for now a quick look at the not so everyday. Hope you have a great week!

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4 thoughts on “(glimpses) – not everyday

    1. Oh Carie, thank you, they’ve been a real treat to work on! Originally I thought to display/ hang in either staggered format or in line, but oh I do love how they form a story as they nest together. Maybe it would be fun to also do a series with other botanical triptychs?


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