(at the workbench) – warm mittens

I don’t think I could ever underestimate the power of small comforts. Warm mittens, blue skies, a good meal made even from a few ingredients  from an otherwise empty fridge. These little things matter.

If it were not for these quiet, but consistent reminders of the importance of living beautiful, ordinary moments, daily stressed might feel quite different.

dala horse brooch pin

These are among the little things I’ve been working on this past week. I have loved the process of painting each small vignette, though more time consuming that I might have projected, sitting quietly doing these different patterns is also a matter of living small comforts.

warm mittens brooch pin

(glimpses) – this place of my own

 norwegian rose brooch - inspired by long fabled flowers

Is there such a thing as having a website warming? I think there probably should be. During the past two weeks, I’ve spend a lot of time setting up this place of my own. In the process, I’ve learned many things (even a bit of coding!) while pulling all the parts work together. There’s something really fulfilling seeing a kind of visual story forming, one I’m not sure I was fully able to tell before.

wildflower brooch pin

I still have a few new projects I’ve been working on (and some old favorites!) to add, but I think I’ve got the hang of it now and it’ll come together quickly over the next day or so.

red capped toadstools

wandering reindeer push toy

Fall seem a perfect time for making needed changes, just like the wind blowing the faded leaves of the trees to get ready for the coming winter. I am so excited to have gotten this far and if I do think of a good way to have a “website warming”, I’ll definitely let you know! 🙂

new prettydreamer website
ps: here is a little peek of what I’ve been working on!

(at the workbench) – he will return

in the back of my mind even as gorgeous autumn is still in full color, thoughts of him linger…with all his mightiness and reach… king winter like no other tells us we must prepare for his return… i share just this one quick picture for now as all things are swirling faster like the falling autumn leaves caught on the wind…sending you warming wished wherever you may be!

(at the workbench) – light

it’s that time of year again.  caught a bit off guard as the days grow so short that my senses try to convince me that it is too late, while a clock says otherwise.

and here is a lantern made as a custom request to accompany a group of children and their teacher at lantern walk this year.  it will help light their way for martinmas and hold kite paper scenes  of the changing season all through the seasons.