(glimpses) – not everyday

roadside botany

No matter how much I think life will just settle down, there always seems to be an unexpected turn of events. We’ve been wrapped up in family matters couple of weeks with a family member hospitalized with a fracture to the hip. Returning back home from our time away to projects that were in midstream and to what will again be a normal, everyday time.

roadside botany

I realize I hadn’t yet had the time to blog about these roadside portraits I had been working on. I’ve always had a love for botanical studies and nature sketches, maybe it shows in my work. These easily overlooked, humble wildflowers and plants some how call out to me to be noticed.

roadside botany

So for now a quick look at the not so everyday. Hope you have a great week!

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(at the workbench) – parts of whole

These submerged landscapes that so easily mixes sky and forest, water and earth have always caught my interest. Little portraits reimagined of a familiar place taken a few years ago that are both so serene and mutable.

P6064273I love that this simple palette that stirs together these colors of sky and water until they are one. I started composing these submerged landscapes with these thoughts of how the pond had taken up every quality of the nature that surrounded it until it had transformed into all that was other.

submerged landscapes:

I don’t doubt that many fairy tales tell stories of this reflection. Housed in this handmade frame, I think this particular shade (a Venetian blue) is a fitting home and reminds of the landscapes that inspired so many artist’s past. It is both archival and inviting place to somehow house this landscape that never quite minds where one things ends and another starts .

submerged landscapes: PS: Along with this interchangeable scene, I’ve finished some simple portraits of wayside flowers. It’s always good not to take the little things for granted.

(at the workbench) – the power of repetition

In every language, there are letters, sounds, elements that are the foundation of the larger structure. In math, science and nature, I believe the same is true.

the geometry of bees

I find it amazing that with a few components simple and straight-forward like the hexagon, bees make the most efficient of structures to shelter their time consuming work of collecting nectar, creating beeswax and making honey.


I’ve tried to zoom out to show the multitude of candleholders, but the lighting along the edges was dropping off into shadows.So here anyway is a peek at what I’ve been working on. I always feel torn between the beautiful simplicity of things and purely natural materials and the story that must be told in vividness and color.

the geometry of bees

Anyway, hope you all had wonderful weekend and off we go with another week. Thanks so much for visiting!

(glimpses) – sister tongue

In this wide world were I could only dream of traveling, what stories have been told in words unknown and languages never heard. These sister tongues now often so estranged from each other, might still tell a common tale if only they had the time for a reunion of sorts.

Old World Languages Family tree graphics

Photo credit: Minna Sundberg

I have been squeezing in time for my first online course ” Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics.” It has been a long time since I was in college classroom and it’s still strange to think that a world of knowledge is just there, on computer screen just resting on my lap as I sit comfortably at home on our couch.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOtherwise, I’m sorting through several boxes of older projects (like the carved gnome house above). I’ve loved working on them all, but realize that the time may have come to part with some to make new for new ones. I hope to have a list and new photos soon, but if you recall something you saw a while ago that you had interest in, please just let me know.


I finished some new sets of horses (currently in stock with black, auburn and golden manes), as well as  starting some painted sketches and landscapes in scraps of wood. The first is of some far away hills over a Venetian blue sky.



Back to work for now but thanks so much for visiting and have a great week!