(at the workbench) – parts of whole

These submerged landscapes that so easily mixes sky and forest, water and earth have always caught my interest. Little portraits reimagined of a familiar place taken a few years ago that are both so serene and mutable.

P6064273I love that this simple palette that stirs together these colors of sky and water until they are one. I started composing these submerged landscapes with these thoughts of how the pond had taken up every quality of the nature that surrounded it until it had transformed into all that was other.

submerged landscapes:

I don’t doubt that many fairy tales tell stories of this reflection. Housed in this handmade frame, I think this particular shade (a Venetian blue) is a fitting home and reminds of the landscapes that inspired so many artist’s past. It is both archival and inviting place to somehow house this landscape that never quite minds where one things ends and another starts .

submerged landscapes: PS: Along with this interchangeable scene, I’ve finished some simple portraits of wayside flowers. It’s always good not to take the little things for granted.

(glimpses) – day break

spring has warmed us all

i can finally see in the growing warmth, a different light … warmer and more inviting than even the week before … I think my heart has even thawed so very happy to say goodbye to a winter that has certainly overstayed it’s welcome…

beautiful wide blue slies above

right now the seasons here won’t be rushed…while other parts have already past their spring and already into steamy heat, we still have the coming weeks to see spring turn the world from brown to green again

even the sweet row houses of once home to textile worker in our little historic mill village stand waiting for the warm light to come their way …

these first sightings are still rare sights…

these are a few my own littlest of flowers just finished that emerged while the other sleeping ones wait unearth themselves …

and  my own little stand of toadstools likewise just about done while we wait for a little mushroom hunting to begin after april showers arrive… otherwise,  i’ve had some little people in the works as well.these last couple of weeks… as usual they are a shy folk, but hope I can introduce them to you soon 🙂

thanks so much for visiting!

(at the workbench) – toadstools and other fairytales

still waiting for spring here, maybe you are too? i don’t know how it’s always something of  a revelation when the snow and ice melt away to see the earth below again. as if i landed on a completely different world… so as the waiting,  the starts and stops of this current ice age ever slowly move us towards spring,   here’s a little peek of some work in progress.

i am imaging all the little things yet to be an unearthed when mud season really returns, when the river’s waters begin to roar and rush and when our silent part of the world turns wild again with the sound of the returning birds and wildlife.

with this set of toadstools, i’ve decided to make them into pendants like the one above and think i just might make a few other pretty little wild things while i’m at it!

(at the workbench) – he will return

in the back of my mind even as gorgeous autumn is still in full color, thoughts of him linger…with all his mightiness and reach… king winter like no other tells us we must prepare for his return… i share just this one quick picture for now as all things are swirling faster like the falling autumn leaves caught on the wind…sending you warming wished wherever you may be!