(at the workbench) – the power of repetition

In every language, there are letters, sounds, elements that are the foundation of the larger structure. In math, science and nature, I believe the same is true.

the geometry of bees

I find it amazing that with a few components simple and straight-forward like the hexagon, bees make the most efficient of structures to shelter their time consuming work of collecting nectar, creating beeswax and making honey.


I’ve tried to zoom out to show the multitude of candleholders, but the lighting along the edges was dropping off into shadows.So here anyway is a peek at what I’ve been working on. I always feel torn between the beautiful simplicity of things and purely natural materials and the story that must be told in vividness and color.

the geometry of bees

Anyway, hope you all had wonderful weekend and off we go with another week. Thanks so much for visiting!

6 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – the power of repetition

    1. Oh, thank you! Yes, I’ve somehow had quite a few orders my sets of three and nine in the past couple of months. The photos are of very large custom order for a magazine’s special event coming up in June. They filled a entire table’s surface when they were spread out. Your husband must be busy now that the weather getting warm again. If ever I can help with special gift for him, please just let me know!


    1. Hi Lucy, thank you so very much! I so wanted to do a little time lapse or stop motion to show the various layouts. Oh well, maybe next time around, have a great week!


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