(at the workbench) – parts of whole

These submerged landscapes that so easily mixes sky and forest, water and earth have always caught my interest. Little portraits reimagined of a familiar place taken a few years ago that are both so serene and mutable.

P6064273I love that this simple palette that stirs together these colors of sky and water until they are one. I started composing these submerged landscapes with these thoughts of how the pond had taken up every quality of the nature that surrounded it until it had transformed into all that was other.

submerged landscapes:

I don’t doubt that many fairy tales tell stories of this reflection. Housed in this handmade frame, I think this particular shade (a Venetian blue) is a fitting home and reminds of the landscapes that inspired so many artist’s past. It is both archival and inviting place to somehow house this landscape that never quite minds where one things ends and another starts .

submerged landscapes: PS: Along with this interchangeable scene, I’ve finished some simple portraits of wayside flowers. It’s always good not to take the little things for granted.

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