(at the workbench) – crow’s calling

i’ve got to appreciate how certain individuals (see photo) can always feels so good about themselves without even a touch of self doubt….and I mean in to say this in a good way … in a most unassuming (with the barest boastfulness) kind of way that only certain birds can truly possess

here he is again, “crow boy”… originally to be named “blue-eyed crow boy” … but as anyone can clearly see his eyes simply aren’t blue, but that shouldn’t bother a fine and handsome  crow … being tall, dark and handsome should really be enough to make any bird happy

(shhh.. he’s soon going to have a friend very soon, but I haven’t told him yet!)

(at the workbench) – simple stories

sometimes simple stories are best… a few pictures from one of last week’s projects …

some very industrious pigs with great hopes for their future…
have been making themselves ready to travel to yet  unknown places and adventures ..

as it turns out even small pigs have big dreams …

at the worbench: At Play (Of Course!)

Even toys need to play …

There is so much to love about toymaking (and toys!)

I think toys -at the very heart- live quite a busy life even while they are at rest. So many stories have been written just about this – a toy’s hidden, private life- for a reason.

I am amazed how even when making the simplest toy, a little plaything can be so expressive and possess their own irrepressible, quirky nature.

 I’d like to introduce you to some of my newest friends: roaring picture book lions . Big-hearted, wooden lions with movable, little heads.

I could some how imagine these little lions stepping out of a child’s storybook just so they could be in the the palm of your hand to purr, tell their secrets (and roar!) to their hearts content.

Wishing you a bit of whimsy and childhood joy today! : )


(at the workbench) – snakes in my garden and Workbench

We have had endless days of rain I do not think there could be more lushness and greenness than their is now. The grass grows ever taller with every downpour – waiting to be mowed.

Children – much the same – growing three inches in a few short months – their clothes shrink before our eyes. Now summer comes with summer’s long days. The children now become explorers in the vast greenness. Their play hidden in a green world.

And down, almost unseen, are the silent creatures sprung from this wet world. Garden snakes wind their way silently. But on my workbench the snakes have more to say.The SNAKES have a new demand.

Find out why.…Soon some friends will be joining them … so do please visit again.