(at the workbench) – schooling

sitting around the stove

This is what our days are like now, circling around a little wood stove on one corner of our home. The leaves still need raking, though the wood thankfully is stacked and ready. I really wonder what actually happens to accelerate time when September comes along to move us so quickly into the heart of autumn?

And still, there are all the things I haven’t quite had the time to get to yet like the apple sauce and chutneys I’d like to make and can. It seems a shame not to do more as the apple trees this year have been incredibly exuberant and have been generous beyond anything I can recall in years past.

Deep into the school year though, there is so much evening work to go over after dinner is cooked, eaten and dishes done. I still find it strange, that even as children grow older and ever more independent, there’s still so much to do (if not more!)

a new school : multi-wood fish rattles

On the workbench this past week, I have been working on a brand new species.  They are some very happy, multi-wood little fish. And though they might look to be ordinary school of fish, they are indeed little wooden baby rattles only in the guise of a little fish with nice little voice to match. As much as I love using color, these truthful tones of natural, native woods like maple, cherry and walnut really speak to me.


Otherwise there are the last of the wild flowers to gather and enjoy before the hard frosts arrive. Hope your Autumn (or Spring!) is as lovely as it is here. Thanks so much for visiting!


(at the work bench) – tools of the trade

cherry-handled tools: traditional backsaw

For nearly everything we do, we rely on essential tools to help us get things done. Whether something as simple as broom and dust pan for tidying up, an iron for pressing out wrinkles or in the case of woodworking: a good saw, ax, mallet, chisel and try square. Even when the form changes from it’s earliest type, the usefulness of these tools remains even across cultures and times become fixtures in our lives.


The cherry-handled wooden back saw is an example of such a tool. It has been hand-crafted with all sorts of personal flourish of the woodworkers past who along with what they made from assorted timbers, often made their own tools to help them through their days work. The handles would have beautiful scrolls not unlike a treble clef on a sheet of music. How important it was to make not only a well-functioning tool, but one that showed the love and beauty one has for ones art.

It is this authenticity I wanted even while making these “toys” for the youngest of woodworkers and apprentices, something that feels genuine in the hand and has the weight of tool that is made to do its work. This happens naturally when something is made with truthful materials, in traditional time honored ways and with a beauty the artisan can only look back at with love all that pat in making a most essential, though common place tool.

(glimpses) – on a wave

in a different life, we life among the waving palms and not crowned oaks and maples

where even stormy skies and seas come in shades of blues unimagined and beautiful…

the storms pass quickly here unlike the way they do at home …

and kind sentinels stand watch as we play in the coming waves …
and in this beautiful way (in these few short days away)  a girl turns one year older
and closer to becoming who she will be …happy summer all!


(glimpses) – graceful mechanics

during the very last bit of our holiday recess, we managed to squeeze our one and only day trip …a drive into Cambridge, MA with our destination this time being the MIT Museum .

among slowly moving mechanics that beat quiet rhythms,  the baby doll gently rocking endlessly to the transparent mechanics that

and the mechanical man who attempted  emotional expressions through the varied lessons of passing strangers,

and the faucet that dripped perpetually metal beads of water

the autumn leaf’s graceful balanced walk on the turning wheel.  all knew not if it called themselves machine or art, but maybe names don’t matter …the exhibit titled “5000 Moving Parts” is up through November 2014, so there’s time to see these gracefully mechanical thoughts if you have the chance….

(glimpses) – animal crossing


things have been getting busy these days with the cows, the cats, and the rabbits who have all come for new pictures to be taken. the rooster and horse who have suddenly shied away from the camera and could not be here today, but to be sure all the animals are all hoping to debut as the cow has over at my new vimeo account.  Of course they know all things take time, as they all ways do. So when the time is right,  they’ll also be sure to visit on both vimeo and on my facebook page.
Hope you have a great weekend!