(at the workbench) – the aunties come to visit

Just a picture or two of the visiting aunties and uncle. Peter and Lotte are always happy to see them  ,looking forward to all the adventures the day ahead will hold.

It was very special for me to have this extended, happy family working their way through my workbench. As a custom order,  I can’t help wondering what sort of days they are having in their new home.

Ps:  I’ve just listed another set here just in case you have some of your own ideas how they might spend the day with you. 🙂

(at the workbench) – other conversation

this week at the workbench, the children have been busy ….

asking more questions than you may have ever been imagined …

forest mama have such good ears though to listen

a visit to elsa beskow lovely “children of the forest”

 but meanwhile, in another part of the forest, other conversation are going on  ….

mrs acorn and mrs hazelnut have so much to catch-up on…

the children have other ideas in mind, we’ll just have to see how the afternoon turns out …

hope you have some wonderful adventures this weekend yourself whatever thoughts may be bubbling up now!

(glimpses) – a little yarn

between these days….where seasons change and are somehow unknown….

with winter-filled autumn days of snow and falling leaves…. and autumn/spring-like winter days, when even snowflakes question whether they should themselves be little raindrops or freezing rain….

inside we are beyond all these undecided seasons and weather ….

with a few balls of yarn, there are many stories waiting to be told … between days spent sick in bed and both sleepy  and sleepless nights …

from these squares and blocks have begun… little repetitions and clusters newly learned .. .while I wonder listening to falling winter rains,  what the fisherman’s wife was dreaming while mending his nets late into the fire lit winter long evenings …

(at the workbench) – folk flowered pinwheels

Sometimes ideas are persistent – a bit like young children .

My new Folk Flowered Pinwheels and Summer Quilted Pinwheels just happened to be this way.

As much as I like visiting my local lumber mill or the hardware store, I do love a visit to the fabric store. Aisles and aisles of such pretty colors, prints and patterns – little by little, a beautiful yard or so of this or that fabric comes home with me. They sit neatly stacked –looking so inviting- and waiting for project of their very own.

I never took home economics in school. Sewing becomes a needed skill when an idea or project is in process. In the end a sewing machine might not be so different from a bandsaw!

I love that with simple materials, an enduring classic plaything can be remade. These pinwheels are eco-friendly, wind-powered, stitched and quilted, modern folk flowered, calico fabrics, fun.

Who doesn’t love seeing a twirling , spinning pinwheel on beautiful summery day.