(glimpses)- this story begins underfoot

How it’s rained! It has been all downpours and showers these past days in a grey world turning lush. Except for my impatience to start a garden (our planting zone must mostly wait until the Memorial Day weekend)  and feel warm sunshine, spending time inside nestling with a new project feels very good.


From inside  I  watch the rain turn the grass green again and branches buds begin to open.


I cannot help but think of all the enchanted fairy tales that sprout silently in the forest as once sleeping shoots and roots giving birth to a new story waiting to be written.


My daughter came home with this beautiful linoleum block she made. And while the print remains at school, I am very eager to print it myself  and see this lovely scene.


Impatient once again I think, but I can’t remember seeing a friendlier, happier little bat!

signs of spring

I  am gathering these small begins and drawing the landscape of the story that is soon to come. More soon!

early spring violets and wildflowers


(glimpses) – it’s only right to wait


Despite a mild winter and warmer days, spring still seems surprising hesitant. Uncertain whether to move forward or stay still. While unlike the last years, with mountains of snow and ice slowly receding, this spring is quiet, barely changing  brown and tan landscape and spring  appears to have stalled. Is this an internal memory of winters past or some private insight that it’s still too soon.







Still I can’t help but be impatient. I want to walk barefoot on soft moss. I want to look unbelievingly at green world again. Like me, this  little herd of mine feels pretty much feels the same. They are  eager and without
hesitation to race in new fields abundant with wildflowers.

I’ve put these friendly creatures on sale , even as a cold damp rain lingers over the start of this week. A spring fever that has set in however too early it may be.




Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.31.17 PMfolkloric reindeerScreen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.34.38 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-11 at 9.31.01 PM


(at the workbench) – the forest forager

i’ve been trying to think of a good way to say thank you for all the kind words and support i’ve received over the years and have decided to have my first giveaway! this time around i’ll be hosting it on my instagram account with this sweet little collection of forest-inspired goodies. you can find all the details on how to enter over there, but please just let me know if i can help with any questions! 🙂 happy spring!

(glimpses) – day break

spring has warmed us all

i can finally see in the growing warmth, a different light … warmer and more inviting than even the week before … I think my heart has even thawed so very happy to say goodbye to a winter that has certainly overstayed it’s welcome…

beautiful wide blue slies above

right now the seasons here won’t be rushed…while other parts have already past their spring and already into steamy heat, we still have the coming weeks to see spring turn the world from brown to green again

even the sweet row houses of once home to textile worker in our little historic mill village stand waiting for the warm light to come their way …

these first sightings are still rare sights…

these are a few my own littlest of flowers just finished that emerged while the other sleeping ones wait unearth themselves …

and  my own little stand of toadstools likewise just about done while we wait for a little mushroom hunting to begin after april showers arrive… otherwise,  i’ve had some little people in the works as well.these last couple of weeks… as usual they are a shy folk, but hope I can introduce them to you soon 🙂

thanks so much for visiting!