(glimpses) – further adventures of life as a giant

The morning glories had been overlooking the garden for sometime now …watching the days grow shorter  … and giving thought to the weather and the changing seasons …

 (though in truth more time has gone by then this picture will tell… and first frost are not always kind )

the ground has not been dry for nearly a month … and how is it that bystanders can stand up to the winds of hurricanes, storms and first frost I don’t know…

all summer … I had been looking for them….I had seen them many times moving quietly  below my footsteps with their littlle leaps

and they had gone running before my camera could keep them in a picture for you … very little and hardly as big as a cricket….among the ferns and raised beds

I had seen them busy no doubt in search of a meal and hiding from my ground quaking footstep..

… so while the sun was still bright and the last black-eyed susans shining…

at last here ….I am sharing my further adventures of life as a giant ..

even as the fierce weather had arrived with summer exit and autumn arrival….

(glimpses) – between raindrops

between the raindrops that tamed the heat wave

 and summer’s wild berries gathered along the way …

and the “bird berry preserves”  and mud cakes she made beneath the shade of the full maple leaves

and Mister One made his much anticipated return …

and our travels that saw a child age another year

plants are growing … summer is racing  towards autumn … wishing that your gardens are growing full and these long summer days are full of much time with good friends and family!!

at play – Along a New Shore

A storm brings surprises by morning light … we wake early to find our winter world changed …

Even before a warm breakfast … with coats and hats and boots … there are places to go and undiscovered lands and shores to travel

a change in the weather (a watery nor’easter) brings a unknown landscape … Up a new shoreline … we explore it’s rippling waves and tranquil shores….

One day here and another it is gone … Even in a backyard, meadow magic arrives … a pond will come and go in step with the weather report.  


Happy travels in places that are both near and far!