(glimpses) – side view mirror

out the side view mirror, we spot a young family that we have never seen before. I can completely understand why they have stopped in this quiet, pretty place. it seems the perfect place to raise the little ones. what a perfect end to a busy day to catch their quiet moment eating dinner pond side.


4 thoughts on “(glimpses) – side view mirror

  1. oh, thank you! I felt so lucky seeing the little ones there with their family… I still can't believe this is the first time to see geese with their children! ….they must have felt so very comfortable there on that pretty evening 🙂


  2. thank you so much! it seemed it was almost the only way I could take a picture out the side view. I was heading home I spotted quite a large number of geese and their children…. perhaps three or so families with a few goslings each. I took the picture stopped along the road…so even though it was on a small, untrafficed little town road, I did want to stay parked there too long! I don't think I'd ever seen the pale brown goslings before, they must have been quite comfortable grazing there!


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