etsy’s “This Handmade Life: UK Edition – Welsh Lovespooning”

I am thrilled to have been featured in a wonderful article by Etsy’s AmityUK about the love stories spoken through the art of Welsh love spoons in this week’s Etsy blog post  of “This Handmade Life”.

If you have never heard about this lovely tradition, make sure you take a visit to read more.

My Love Spoons and Other Stories (No1 ) / Hand Carved Wooden Spoon  is heading out today to continue it’s own story … I can’t wait to get started on the next carved wooden spoon  and hear what it might have to say.


(process)- lttle wooden man

Today’s process shares a traditional wooden toy from Japan called a Daruma-Otoshi ; it is an ancient game still played today. I had fun looking through several short clips to find these. The first is in much slowed down motion, while the second clip is in normal time (though hard to believe).

Come visit again during the week, I ‘ll share a tutorial on making a variation.
Have a great weekend!

(process) – with branch and treadle

Sometimes we grow use to something in its modern form, but all things have a humbler and simpler beginning…

The tool being used here is called a “pole lathe” . It is made of simple parts … a branch, a long string or strap, simple wooden foot treadle and a stand. It  is used to turn any number of wooden things … from bowls and spindles to certainly toys…

The video I included was the shortest of this process. For a look at the more complete process of turning a wooden bowl on foot-powered pole lathe take a peek here.  And if you are wondering how a pole lathe might compare to a modern machine lathe, here is a comparison.