(glimpses) – how the children have grown

even the the babies of robins do not stay babies for long  …. oh how they do grow ….

 I have wondered how these tender little creatures and their mother would manage …  two weeks ago, we had seen a little curious chipmunk wander too close to the nest of gem-like eggs … he is  chased in rush of feathers by an angry mother as we sat chatting about days long gone … rude or unknowingly intruding … Mother Robin wants no visitors to her nest….

 and what of all those June showers … what to do about the babies … Mama must become their roof

but look  … in less than a week … the little ones have filled the nest full  … what now becomes of their little home … .when it became nearly comical and there is no room left to grow  … Four well fed chicks filling the nest to the brim

Ah … they must leave the nest and learn to fly …
my child runs near by … and sees a lesson in progress … but she too is unwelcome to their private class  … “they stand on each other’s shoulders” she says…. of course I did not know that till now …

The last young robin comes by our door and stands perched staring  … why  … is he curious about our home?

.. has he come to say goodbye to the young girl who put the nest right years ago when she was more than foot shorter than she stands now … well here is the end of our robin report  … at least for now … good  bye for now robin children …

(at play) – robin builds her nest

In a fairy house made with love by my child ….  from nest that had been blown down from its high perch overhead ….  those tall maple branches, that strong spring storm winds shook … had sent a little robin’s home down to the ground below.

… she placed eye high – to girl who then was surely a foot shorter then she stands now … with those caring hands placed the fallen nest in a small evergreen tree by our door …

that May –  three years ago now – Mrs. Robin returned … I’m sure ever so grateful that little hands had placed her home right again…. building homes and raising babies is not always easy … sometimes things do not all go just so … but that was years ago.

… this year a tall child (ever young) looked down on old, abandoned nest to see a mother robin  had laid  four lovely jewel-colored eggs by our door once more … what joy May brings with flowers and nests….


We have walked lightly and gone by other doors to make Mother Robin’s work lighter…. and June’s warming sunlight has helped her hatch lovely, silent, closed-eyed babes sleeping with open beaks in hope mama would return with something good to eat! …. While my dear child picks flowers for our nest…..

(at play) – following the stream

in a little creek …where the beavers are constantly rearranging the land .
moving their little pond to the left and right of the banks as pleases them…

children are at play, constantly rediscovering what the water will tell 

 ….as they follow along their banks of the shimmering water…

Spring seems always to return with rushing of water… to give life to a sleeping land.

at play – Looking for Spring

Last week the first day of Spring arrived with warmth! …. This was an unexpected treat – Winter does not give in too easily here in New England.

Ice ages and spring thaws arrive hand in hand … coming and going  …  we are here waiting and searching with of any sign of Sister Spring’s return ….

Out for explore last Saturday, the raised gardening beds had risen … and even in our absence, the brave strawberry plants have set out their newest leaves….

Just  a week before the beds still lay in blanket of snow…. we laid out fresh straw as morning frosts are always still near by …

Day by day now, we are waiting for color to return to our world. Happy Spring!

at play – Along a New Shore

A storm brings surprises by morning light … we wake early to find our winter world changed …

Even before a warm breakfast … with coats and hats and boots … there are places to go and undiscovered lands and shores to travel

a change in the weather (a watery nor’easter) brings a unknown landscape … Up a new shoreline … we explore it’s rippling waves and tranquil shores….

One day here and another it is gone … Even in a backyard, meadow magic arrives … a pond will come and go in step with the weather report.  


Happy travels in places that are both near and far!