(glimpses)- this story begins underfoot

How it’s rained! It has been all downpours and showers these past days in a grey world turning lush. Except for my impatience to start a garden (our planting zone must mostly wait until the Memorial Day weekend)  and feel warm sunshine, spending time inside nestling with a new project feels very good.


From inside  I  watch the rain turn the grass green again and branches buds begin to open.


I cannot help but think of all the enchanted fairy tales that sprout silently in the forest as once sleeping shoots and roots giving birth to a new story waiting to be written.


My daughter came home with this beautiful linoleum block she made. And while the print remains at school, I am very eager to print it myself  and see this lovely scene.


Impatient once again I think, but I can’t remember seeing a friendlier, happier little bat!

signs of spring

I  am gathering these small begins and drawing the landscape of the story that is soon to come. More soon!

early spring violets and wildflowers


10 thoughts on “(glimpses)- this story begins underfoot

  1. I remember doing the linoleum block thing in middle school and how I kept jabbing the tool into my hand. All of these are such lovely photos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yah, guess that’s sure to happen starting out, but seeing the final printed images make it worth it though in the end! thank you so much for stopping by, kim!


    1. thank you so much, suzy! ❤️ my daughter just brought back to the first print and he turned out so sweet! thank you so much for coming to say hello, hope you had a wonderful weekend too! ❤️


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