(at the workbench) – in the old parlours where they once met


It was a time and place were there were few distractions, before broadband had ether and television waves travelled through the air. Even before the radio and telephone were given voice,  in the rooms once called parlours (what would the modern day equivalent be if there were one?) , people gathered to pass the time in each others company.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd after all the card games and gossip grew old, the time was passed with any number of parlour games. Guessing games and otherwise, rules complex and learned, in this back room filled with curiosities, the layered scents of earthiness carried in on so many footsteps and the sweetness of all growing plants from a long growing season mingled with still dusty shelves of old books and peppered with spice and citrus notes from the household, these distant memories still lie nearby today.


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