(in the kitchen) – a little craving

olive tapanade

There’s an ongoing list of meals and recipes that stay on the mind and insist on being made. Ones that it’s all too easy to pick-up in a little jar with a nice label when it catches the eye. For me, there’s something really satisfying about knowing how a food comes together and what ingredients went into it.



Tapanade is one of these. After the promise to make this months ago  and  finally with an abundant supply of kalamata olive on hand, I was able to get to started on making  my first jar of tapanade.


I did look at a few recipes beforehand, but then opted to improvise with what I had on hand. Here is my short list: about a cup of olives, a couple of garlic cloves, a couple table spoons of capers, a handful of parsley, a few anchovies, a bit of olive oil to smooth the constancy and that’s really it . Everything goes into the food processor and gets pulsed until it reaches a smooth consistency.

olive tapanade

Like avocado on toast, tapanade is one of those super easy bites when time is short and there’s a while to go before a sit down meal. Hope you like it if you give it a try.

PS.: I’ve finally gotten a chance to make some updates to my workshop here.  I think I’ve got the majority of consolidation/reorganization in the the studio taken care  of now. I’m excited about the  new projects for this week!


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