(at the workbench) – schooling

sitting around the stove

This is what our days are like now, circling around a little wood stove on one corner of our home. The leaves still need raking, though the wood thankfully is stacked and ready. I really wonder what actually happens to accelerate time when September comes along to move us so quickly into the heart of autumn?

And still, there are all the things I haven’t quite had the time to get to yet like the apple sauce and chutneys I’d like to make and can. It seems a shame not to do more as the apple trees this year have been incredibly exuberant and have been generous beyond anything I can recall in years past.

Deep into the school year though, there is so much evening work to go over after dinner is cooked, eaten and dishes done. I still find it strange, that even as children grow older and ever more independent, there’s still so much to do (if not more!)

a new school : multi-wood fish rattles

On the workbench this past week, I have been working on a brand new species.  They are some very happy, multi-wood little fish. And though they might look to be ordinary school of fish, they are indeed little wooden baby rattles only in the guise of a little fish with nice little voice to match. As much as I love using color, these truthful tones of natural, native woods like maple, cherry and walnut really speak to me.


Otherwise there are the last of the wild flowers to gather and enjoy before the hard frosts arrive. Hope your Autumn (or Spring!) is as lovely as it is here. Thanks so much for visiting!


7 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – schooling

  1. I saw these on your instagram feed and have been wondering…is there something inside that makes them rattle? I mean…they look solid…are they built in pieces and assembled to look like one piece? They’re very pretty.


    1. Hi, Natalie … yes there are different beans/grains within the body of the little fish. The rattles interiors are hallowed out though the exterior is one smooth surface. I think part of the “magic” of the rattle is not knowing exactly where the mysterious sound comes from. It’s another classic toy that appeals strongly to the little ones (not just because they love to make and hear sounds), but really because the rattle as a design speaks to the innate curiosity babies and toddlers have exploring a new, unfamiliar world they want to know it better.

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  2. We homeschool as well, and our eldest son just began Running Start, which is a program that permits students to study their first year of college concurrently with their junior year of high school, and it is really demanding on all of us! I, too, find myself exhausted at night and not getting things done that really ought to be. I’m trying to continue my creative work as an outlet and fun thing for me. So, good for you for those fish! Hang in there, mama!

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    1. Oh that does sound super challenging, but what a great program! Hope you’re son is loving the challenge. Anyway, I’m glad it’s not just me getting older. I’ve had two project sitting midstream on a work table pleading with me every time I walk by. Thanks so much for sharing and hope you and your family get through it all!


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