(at the workbench) – at the gate

wip push toy horses

it looks like autumn has snuck up on us again…just when we though there were still a few weeks more to sleep in a bit later and maybe get lost in another wandering or two. Here we are instead waking up in the pitch black night (oh well pitch black morning) getting ready for school and work. This year is my daughter’s first year in high school, which alone is still so very strange to think of… that in a few short years, she will head off to college… but for now I get see through her shared words the many impressions she has of these strange new world’s of hers.

edible mushrooms

All around me are reminders though of her projects as a little kid, handwork, main lesson books, paintings…even as we both stay up much too late into the night… her learning the ropes at a new school and me helping her navigate the challenges of homework given unlike that she was familiar with at her old school.

wip push toy horses

otherwise my days are that much more busy now that autumn is blowing in …here is part of the herd of push toy horses I’ve been working on for my workshop.  These guys are favorites of mine, as next to a doll, the push toy horse is perhaps the most classic and traditional of children’s best loved toys.

wip push toy horses

nearly finished and at the figurative gate, I’ve added a new ginger-maned girl to the stables. How funny, these are just the sort of names we would make-up for our pretend horses when we were little girls …ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon…you’d think we were more interested in baking than in horses….

wip push toy horses

And oh the mushrooms!!  A special gift from a fellow vendor at the first of my fairs at Canterbury Shaker Village this month, I was surprised by a beautiful gift of these gems at the close of the day. Such a nice surprise at the end of a very early, long workday!

edible mushrooms

anyway thanks for visiting and welcome! …still working on settling in here at WordPress since moving my site here, so please pardon as I tidy up…


6 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – at the gate

  1. I love the push horses so very much. I have always been drawn to the very classic toys. Your version in gorgeous. I’ve been absent for a while and was excited to see you on the KCCO link up and had to pop over right away. Excellent job…and good luck at the markets.


    1. Thank you suzy mae! I still can’t believe I had all those beautiful mushrooms for my humble mushroom ragu over pasta…that was definitely a most blessed meal!


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