(at the workbench) – i will follow

I love unexpected discovery (especially happy ones like this) and how old unwanted, forgotten thing can find a new home in a different time…

in a nondescript box, a collection of what must have been the much loved work of an avid naturalist, I came across the tracks of many a wild animal careful cast ….

perhaps on many a quiet, still morning, their hidden travels were in this way recorded to be saved for future times. What could have been an ephemeral moment has turned into a careful study of woodland creatures native to these parts.

I imagine now, that I am following in their tracks. They are more silent than i can ever be and this tiny muskrat’s paw nearly missed from my sight is no longer.

And in a rare moment, I can now see this badger’s menacing claws from a safe distance and find a place in our nature corner…

how strange to think the foot steps of a mountain lion can find its place among ¬†all the things we find and gather on our very own walks through the years…

ps. I have made several sets available through my workshop here … among the tracks available (many of which are available as front hind print sets) are: antelope, elk, mountain lion, muskrat, spotted skunk, weasel, badger, cottontail and jack rabbit and of course mr badger!

4 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – i will follow

  1. These are wonderful! My children and I made some animal track casts years ago. They don't look nearly as lovely as these pictured here, but you've given me a new vision for respectfully displaying them.


  2. lucy, thank you! the ones i made with my daughter many winter ago where not quite so detailed, but they where fun!…I love how these animal prints are so accurate and really give the “feel” of the animal!


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