(in the kitchen) – jalepenos hot and not so hot

somewhere little jalepeno plants must be flourishing…I was so inspired this week that I pick-up about a dozen or so of these hot little peppers to make into a jar of homemade pickled jalepanos for the coming weeks of quick taco salad bowls, taquitos, burritos and who knows what else …
they were very simple pickle to make: hot mixture of boiling water, vinegar and sea salt brininess, garlic and bit of sugar to balance it out ….
with the couple of spare peppers left over I made a very easy cucumber and cilantro salad for a last-minute local artist’s potluck.

but this time the jalepenos were seeded (so not hot at all!) and mixed with lots of finely minced fresh cilantro, garlic, sea salt, olive oil and lime to make a very tasty, light summer salad.

ps. the cucumbers should be sliced as thin as possible so they marinate well in the dressing…

I have a few other of my own projects in the works like this hand-thrown bowl that I made for (of course) salad-filled summer days that are nearing …
In the workshop, I have other new projects all in the kind middle state of completion mixing with these last days of school for my daughter who will unbelievably be an eighth grade this coming year … it’s been said before… “but how did this happen so fast”?
I’ve added a new sample size of the beeswax polish I make for wooden toys and housewares. The other sizes can be found here
Well that’s all the time I have today to post…have a wonderful weekend!

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