(glimpses) – outbreak

be warned! dandelion outbreak in progress … in a day or so with a a bit rain and lots of beautiful sunshine,  the dandelions have swept through the field as we had our backs turned….

spring certainly is in full force now and this is just what we had been waiting for….

and it hasn’t taken long for the maples and birches to follow…all at once, all is racing forward now…

in the studio, a long overdue reorganization and tidying has started …

i’ve started with the easier bit, while I figure out best to re-situate workshop machinery and work surfaces

and a little something different I’ve been working on some pottery and ceramics pieces over the last few months…
a carved ceramic tile with a very proud stallion against starry night sky … just a sketch of some ideas for new projects I hope to be working on for the fall 🙂
some of hand thrown bowls that have been fired once and awaiting glazing and second firing (I was in a rush this day, so managed to take some very fuzzy pictures!)

the first set that I made that have come home with me and are getting used at dinner regularly:)

well I guess that’s it for now …hope you are having a great week!


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