(at the workbench) – tools of the trade

this is where I had written the post last week … but some unhappy strangeness has made it all disappear 
(there are times I really, really do not like working with blogger and this definitely counts as one)
that said these are a few pictures of a updated  version of the woodworker’s tool sets I’ve been working on in April.
it’s been a few years now since I’ve offered Woodworker’s Tool Set for the Very Young.

the new updated sets made from a beautiful native maple will ready soon … but for now a few pictures in process …..

between some gorgeous days of sunshine, we have had lots of rain …
and have been learning which roads are friendly and which are not … at least now this risky behavior is well marked with bright orange signs the roads department has put up to warn us that turning back is the wiser choice….have a great weekend and stay well!


4 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – tools of the trade

  1. hello, lori … yes, mud season is serious stuff here. if you can imagine slalom run but with cars instead of skiing that might give you an idea! Being new to this particular area, I made the mistake of taking a dirt road to get to a natural spring … let's just say I could only get less than a quarter of the way down what was less than a mile before thankfully finding a place to turn around!….the caution signs are up now and huge help at avoiding risky behavior!


  2. the signs are really funny to see! it makes me laugh every time I see them and consider all the alternative risks I could face without just driving down a road. I think in these parts, mud season is more feared than winter roads.


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