(glimpses) – and still a bit more….

we still are settling in after our move with bits of progress between busy days ….  these stray packets of seeds were a happy find in a recently opened box…

while last summer, there was no room to start a garden, his year it’s with a lot of excitement that there will be a garden to take care of…

though this is how yesterday morning looked, after a day of constant rain … Again, a white world and nearly half a foot of snow. The difference of a day ….

spring certainly hasn’t had an easy time of it this year…   in the foreground the daffodils emerged nearly overnight when last wednesday the “last” of the winter snow had dissolved into the earth… with less than a week of a full thaw, the newest emerging shoots find themselves in a winter-inspired land …

this young robin (I think) is wondering to himself this morning also, where it’s all gone? … how have all the puddles have turned to ice again and when will the earth turn soft and brown ?

not long we both hope…it’s time to start the garden!


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