(glimpses) – here at last

very monotone I know, but as you can see the snow and ice are gone. In its place,  a beautiful muddy brownness is all around us. (yes, I mean it!…a lot of us here have been longing to see the earth revealed again color or not )

 some quick first time explores nestled in to such an overly busy week….

and the first bits of color emerge (see that little bit of purple)… a very welcoming sight!

meanwhile while I learn which roads to stay clear of …I’ll take care not to get stuck in the mud!


4 thoughts on “(glimpses) – here at last

  1. Oh yes, the colourless bare earth is such a delight! A delight put on hold for a bit here as it snowed once again. The world is white and gray, but only for a couple of days. Soon the spring flowers will appear. Soon. Beautiful photos! I feel your joy.


  2. thank you! that is so exactly it! … there comes a point in a long, cold winter when you start to doubt whether winter will ever end and if spring and summer will ever return (even while knowing that they definitely must come back)yes, mud, brown is a most beautiful color…..Hope the sun comes back very soon to you and brings spring along with it!


  3. It looks like a wonderful place to have moved to…with lots of lovely places to explore and discover. Good luck to you, and happy gardening (you know, once it thaws back out again- we're in the same boat here, having had snow and ice again this week).


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