(glimpses) – inside the ice fortress

so this is what winter’s become, the perpetual digging of trenches in the deepening snow banks …with winter’s storms, flus, sniffles and coughs coming from inside what has become an ice fortress. but spring must certainly be waiting (somewhere in the wings) for its time of return…though inside this winter nest, I’ve been at work on something that goes beyond the cold and winter weariness…

I started these little tins of fragrances earlier this year… within each little tin I imagine a memory, feeling and far away place one could travel to (no matter the weather is outside)

nag champa is a place of peaceful and deep meditation …it’s a blend of patchouli, sandalwood and dragon’s blood

middle earth is the place where the forest floor still blooms with its native spring flowers, the air is fresh and crisp with the scent of evergreen pine and cedar, the earth is a deeply awakened moist and growing! there is a sense of a  distant, hidden world of fairy tales, elves and ancient creatures, and deep roots that is revealed … 

goodness is the memory of simply joys…. morning in the garden, soft with gentle mix of flowering blooms, the sweetness of sun-warmed strawberries and mixed with sweet musky tones and vanilla which remembers something that is so tasty and special treat

and lavender, the place of deep calm drenched in summer-born flowers with underlying scent of rose geranium that hints it’s earthy undertones of citrus, mint and spice.

these are now available online here. I hope to have other in-stock items listed here and easily available on my square marketplace site. the perfume fragrance tins ship at a flat rate of $3.20 domestically regardless of the number of perfume tins ordered. 

Keeping warm thoughts nearby until spring arrives! 


2 thoughts on “(glimpses) – inside the ice fortress

  1. So happy to found your blog! you know i love your creations! The tin sounds like it smells heavenly!!!Blessings,Samantha Disch {Wild Maple Wool}https://wildmaplewool.squarespace.com


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