(at the workbench) – from here to there

still figuring out where everything goes …with lots of decision of what would work best…so it’s likely the sorting, shifting and rearranging will continue for sometime to come …

at least these favorite tools never seem to far from reach… they literally live on my workbench no matter what projects are working their way through …

in one shoebox, I find my little girl and unfinished doll I was making with her little curls…

only my little girl is some ten or so years older  (and the project adrift in its lonely box for four years or more) …tell me I’m not the only one to find still another long lost project !

in the workshop, I’ve started preparing windswept candleholder gift sets with a sample of my beeswax polish to take to an event I’ll be at in a couple of weeks …

as well as getting sets of my waldorf candleholders together similarly in boxed gift sets of seven

as well as single holders in lots of different colors (sorry no pictures today of the other colors, but hope you can imagine them all nestled together) …. it’s back to work for  me now …


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