(at the workbench) – shake me

simplicity is often best…
here is one of the couple projects I’ve been working on this week. 

I love the native hardwoods I used and the beautiful contrasting wood grainsand the playfulness of the maple and cherry wood spots against the recessed holes that masquerade as spots as well and how all together this detail conceals where the shaking rattles sound is coming from!…..This is one of the things I like most about rattles…. 

that they create a bit of a puzzle for the little ones. I can remember when my daughter was young how she amused herself by making wonderful little sounds as she moved through the house. How wonderful it is to be a little noise maker!
I’ve combined the classic wooden toy with another everlasting childhood toy: stacking blocks
what better fun than to stack, tumble, tip, shake and of course general happy baby noise making!

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