(glimpses) – cold, warm and fuzzy

look who’s come in from the cold with my daughter yesterday!  he’s a very sweet honey opposum made by my daughter for her 6th grade handwork class … and wouldn’t you know that even though it’s June in New England and it feels just as if it were early April … this is who it goes here…  though this little guy doesn’t have a name yet, I’m doing my best to help keep him warm and comfortable…I’ve been lucky enough to get to take him to the studio with me today … I understand he likes nectar….. so that explains his pretty little nose … wonder what else he likes?

10 thoughts on “(glimpses) – cold, warm and fuzzy

  1. Isn't New England weather strange. It has been beautiful, but the temps seem completely off! I hope that the warm weather takes hold soon! For my garden's sake if not mine 🙂 Wonderful job to your daughter!


  2. oh heather it is! it's such an odd place that can have 30 to 40 degree shift in a days time…good luck with your garden! at least this year there's rain 🙂 thank you so much for stopping by!


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