(at the workbench) – mrs strawberry arrives …

you can tell when the lilacs are out, it’s not long until mrs strawberry’s much anticipated arrival …


all the stories told about our life as giants can be revisited again where we find wild strawberries hidden in plain sight at our feet …

mrs strawberry comes to visit

spring is moving into full bloom, we are not too far from those long summer days and beautiful sun-warmed strawberries…









ps.  who should be next? let me know who you think!


16 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – mrs strawberry arrives …

  1. She has such a gentle and lovely expression…. beautiful!I love to visit here and take a peek at your workbench.Everything you create (and write) has such warmth…there is love shining through.Thank you and have a lovely weekend,warm greetings from Holland,xxx sas


  2. Hopping over from Frontier Dreams. I love your Mrs. Strawberry! You are so very lucky to have ripe strawberries already. We have a few weeks to wait yet.


  3. hello Natatalie, oh we are still waiting too! They are from last june… they're nothing like strawberries picked fresh with sunshines warmth still on them! thank you for visiting 🙂


  4. this year the strawberries are still in same pots since a move last autumn, I'm still waiting to see if they'll manage for a while this way until they find a better home.


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