(around the table) – little worlds

it’s funny. … all the little things we have kept in jars, bowls and teacups ….

while one gallon size mason jar houses a very well loved bouncy ball collection, another very humbly keeps a colorful mix of beans for a big pot of our favorite chile or oats for a morning porridge …and still others…random quart jars have seen many fanciful creatures and  lovely little people while we paint ….

It is often while I am busy with my projects and notice the quiet that has settle into our home …. that I take a break to see why ….  most often I come to find yet another project my girl has been found and is busy at work with herself ….

in little glasses found while recycling and other cast-off containers that still with no purpose of their own …

she has made little lands from from the slowly greening world around the edges of our house

from bits of moss and early bird shoots and plants, she has made her own worlds to keep….


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