(glimspes) – after all

well, it looks like after a good long sleep

… he’s decided that winter is indeed over and without any delay as the song of birds grows louder every day …. he has made off to the neighbor’s field for a long awaited meal from the hay field across the road ….

I have begun to wonder … having so eagerly awaited his return … having such silly thoughts about the return of woodchuck…

spring always returns… and somehow I can’t help but feel the wonder of it each time …. I have to say I love winter, but as I look out from from my window  to see the bare-branched hedge overlaying the even more barren branches of the oaks and maples…

seeing how busy the birds, squirrels and other furry creatures are… and feeling their excitement as the last of the snow has been transformed to happy raindrops falling off the eaves of the roof  … I breathe a sigh of relief and am filled with joy….

it is so funny to see that even pine cones now find a way to set out bloom at this time of year …. so perhaps it is not so surprising, that the sight of a stout forager leaving his bed under the barn could bring me joy….  warmest wishes for a wonderful Spring to you….  the flowers are yet to come after all!!

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