(glimpses) – a little yarn

between these days….where seasons change and are somehow unknown….

with winter-filled autumn days of snow and falling leaves…. and autumn/spring-like winter days, when even snowflakes question whether they should themselves be little raindrops or freezing rain….

inside we are beyond all these undecided seasons and weather ….

with a few balls of yarn, there are many stories waiting to be told … between days spent sick in bed and both sleepy  and sleepless nights …

from these squares and blocks have begun… little repetitions and clusters newly learned .. .while I wonder listening to falling winter rains,  what the fisherman’s wife was dreaming while mending his nets late into the fire lit winter long evenings …


7 thoughts on “(glimpses) – a little yarn

  1. thank you all for the kind words!.. hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them :)sara, thank you… it is a merino wool blend and has a really nice sheen, though the yarn kind of unravels itself if you're not watchful…


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