(around the table) – life as a giant

Besides the snake that has found a cool space to rest between the raised garden beds and the fence that acts as a shield against the garden marauders, all the growing things take small breaths between the changing weather lifting themselves up a little at a time ….

We are out with the return of the sun to see what has changed since the stormy weather has gone by…..and this is how we discover our life as giants ….

down below our feet, in the freshly shorn grass, the sun flashes tiny, bright and red … catching our eyes…

below our feet, as we must sit down and lean our heads low to see,  we discover the smallest berries that ever grew…

we we make ourselves a  tiny feast … stay very still and look carefully beyond the leaves that shelter the wild berry patch …

we find something indescribably happy about these hidden treasures….

we gather berries mixed from the garden and the field: the ever bearers, the little alpines and the ever so little wild ones… inside we make a tiny feast of little pancakes topped with mixed strawberries that have been so quickly eaten … no pictures were taken soon enough …

This is how our life as giants has gone on the first day. How would you feast on little hoard of found ruby-like treasures?


7 thoughts on “(around the table) – life as a giant

  1. They are tiny but the wild ones are oh, so sweet! We picked all day at a friend's house, they were growing everywhere. And the next morning we made THE BEST strawberry muffins!


  2. I have just been scrolling around your blog. You take amazing photographs! I love the life as a giant. I must tall my boys about it and see what they can find.


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