(glimpses) – spring into summer

here we are in spring and summer all at once ….
spring, summer … between fleece jackets and shorts

in the course of a few days, spring, summer ….

May ... here we are... full of lilac love
the lilac love is  in full abundance ….(May 26, 2011)

          May ... then came summery fierce (sigh)
all gone …I look up to see ….they have faded all nearly away… (May 31, 2011)

May ... a stray and forgotten candle on the window sill .
… here the stray and forgotten candle on the window sill is found bending  to the sun

I find a a little wheel that will not turn …  a monitor screen that has gone black…

… and other things that will not work without some help….this is how May has ended and June has started  ..
here we are between spring and summer … with young and growing things filled with promise …

5 thoughts on “(glimpses) – spring into summer

  1. We too are alternating between shorts and fleeces. It is difficult to believe that summer is coming so soon, when spring has not yet convincingly arrived. Lovely evocative images. Thank you.


  2. that's exactly it … maybe by July all the seasons will be sorted out … I can only imagine that summer will feel like plain old summer … Thank you for stopping by! 🙂


  3. We have been in summer for too long now. Crazy temps 105 at the highest. Unusual to say the least. Maybe summer will be cooloer? Hmmm! Lovely photos…


  4. Mandi … wouldn't that be so nice to have it be a little more regular summer instead of super-strength summer … thank you so much for visiting! :)Hi Karen … I guess it's good that all those candles were found before they turned to solid pools of wax on our window sills. 🙂


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