(at the workbench) – golden april

I have almost missed sharing a  bit about April …

while Spring has walked ever so cautiously back to us …  and the greenness returns bit by bit with every downpour …

… a very special visitor who rarely needs introduction arrives just in time for the first day of April at our doorstep

.. .. feeding beneath the bird feeder (the line forms behind the squirrels)  … and accompanied by an April Fool’s snow storm .. truly no joke….

meanwhile alongside the joyous bunnies working their way across my workbench before their travels near and far to springtime nature table and little waiting hands …

I have some how acquired the golden touch … the fabled Midas would certainly have been pleased seeing me busy at work making flat after flat of gold for the lovely new wholesale accounts of April …

I gratefully welcome a number of my favorite local shops that are now carrying Golden by Prettydreamer.

First comes a very warm welcome to Coll’s Farmstand ….perched beautifully on a hilltop in Jaffrey, NH.
The Coll family farm has been there since 1930…  and has been a favorite source for local cage-free and organic brown eggs, as well as, fresh organic and farm produce  … over the years, we have visited often and seen Coll’s grow as it has served our communities ….

Amid bulk local honey tanks and jugs of their own tasty maple syrup, you can now find …. a golden little bear, a golden forest, a golden honey bee and more …

…. sometime I will have to share the story of choices a new mama must make when her little shopping cart runs away high on a beautiful hilltop and she decides naturally to hold on tight to the little one in her arms rather than chase the groceries and cart . 🙂

I hope April has been kind to you … I can’t wait to share what work has been waiting in process this month as well!


6 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – golden april

  1. Love your visitor! Funny, I just posted a pic on my blog of our latest visitor – please come see! And congrats on your candles, they are beautiful!


  2. Pure gold! Your visitor is adorable…from a safe distance. We once had skunks, the reverse of yours in colouring, pestering our bees. Eating them, actually. We had a LOT of angry bees that season. Your candles are a delight to the eye, and surely more so to the nose.


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