(glimpses) – returning

These past weeks of March has brought much news though subtle.

March  7th … an early Monday morning, a visitor we have not seen for some long months now is known by scent alone. Woodchuck is finally awake and tours his grounds.

March  12th  …the morning chatter increases as the birds discuss what they will do next.from overhead in bare branched trees  

March 14th … As a winter weary car can cope no longer, refusing to go on …

March 20th …By foot we travel… to the river that lays at the heart of our little town … where it was made to serve the mill … its waters have turned liquid now once again… with the same glassy reflections of years past, we look on with older eyes at those same waters.

We stop again by the river’s edge… where many spring rushes boasted that they would not be restrained  to the river’s bank and have even made good on their threat when they could.

A still frozen sprig of winter still remains to bloom alongside the falling waters …..

In a field nearby, the earth begins to reveal herself though tawny brown still from a long winter’s sleep.

We are overjoyed to see her return and go off to see what we will find.

An underground spring’s water joyfully returns to the surface and a  little brook ripples itself in the wind and warming sunshine….

We test waters in many ways … remembering it’s many qualities

beautiful marshy weeds still green look up through a still frozen window

We too look on at spring’s steady and measured approach back to the earth …

March  24th …The robins return to the meadow and search in the warming earth for a good meal.

in this place between a frozen world and spring’s waking.


8 thoughts on “(glimpses) – returning

  1. Oh Tonya, thank you so much for visiting! My daughter and I laughed that we could still put on cross country skies yet a few more times… despite the receding snow we still have enough. Even little changes of putting on a pair of sneakers for a walk instead of snow boots is so heartening. Wishing you a lovely spring, Pamela


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