(process) – overshot

From the earliest of times, everyday hands have found a way to share the beauty that is found in their natural world …. the plants that bloomed became the colors of the cloth, the petals of the flower the embroidered stitch.

In these Saturday process features, I hope to share this fascination with the tools and hands that have brought the love for beauty to life.

 My good friend Marie is a wonderful writer of modern fairy tales and equally wonderful weaver. When I last had the chance to visit her studio, I was given an overview of the weaving technique called overshot. For me as non-weaver and even to the weaver, the process of overshot brings much excitement. Somehow out of the plain background of the overall weave,  patterns and motifs emerge as if by magic.

This week Marie shared a link for the Thistle Hill Weavers  that caught my eye. I admit that I am both amazed and awed by the weaving process. The work of the Thistle Hill Weavers certainly has me feeling this way.

For more than 20 years, Thistle Hill Weavers, the Studio of Rabbit Goody, has been weaving luxurious custom fabrics, carpet, and trim for designers, home owners, museums, and the film industry specializing in creating accurate historic reproductions, working from surviving examples, documented patterns, and period weavers’ drafts. And how wonderful to find while visiting the Thistle Hill Weavers website, there where a few historical process videos to see while touring their studios and looms. I don’t think I could have ever imagined a loom of these proportions.

Thank you so much for visiting and hope you enjoy this weeks glimpse into the past and present!


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