(process) – a block of wood

There are many folk arts I greatly admire. From the earliest of times, everyday hands have found a way to share the beauty that is found in their natural world …. the plants that bloomed became the colors of the cloth, the petals of the flower the embroidered stitch. In these Saturday process features, I hope to share this fascination with the tools and hands that have brought the love for beauty to life.

I came across a few process videos recently that speak of what a simple block of wood can become. Today I show one from India. I have always wondered how the beautifully printed coverlets and fabrics I have seen while wandering in and out of  little shops were made.

How interesting to learn the past is not too distant. The techniques are much the same as they might have been in older times. The simple hand tools as well have have not lost their edge and do just as well as their modern day counterpart in the skillful artist’s hands. You night even notice some repeated devices made of simple string and a stick to aid the artist at his work. Here is another way that a bit of string and wood have helped power hand tools before the use of electricity. You can also sometimes find my own process or work in progress through the wip features

Thank you so much for visiting … hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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