(at the workbench) – very little

It is true ….  little things are very sweet ….

this week, as the rabbits overrun my workbench,  some wee babies have just been born ….

I wasn’t sure how small the wee ones would be, but as it turns out the baby bunnies are smaller than a pine cone

and still even smaller than a clothes pin …

Here are their parents Mr. Long Ears and Mama Hears a Sound (just in case you haven’t had a chance to meet them), they are so very happy to at last have the little ones near by …

the bunnies are they haven’t open their wide eyes…. but they will (and I hope you’ll be able to visit with them again soon!)

And a little note This Saturday I will be returning to my process feature sharing traditions of woodworking,  toy making, and of old and perhaps forgotten crafting techniques.  If you have time,  please come visit again.


14 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – very little

  1. i have been in love with your rabbits since i first laid eyes on them. so excited about the babies!i am really looking forward to your continuation of the process feature. my children and i really enjoyed that. to clarify, they do not watch media but i felt those powerful to share. my daughter especially is very fond of wood.


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