(glimpses) – between worlds… and waiting for spring

Some of the trench digging has long been abandoned ….   the mighty orange shovel is not so mighty after all (but perhaps it is me … tiring)

Spring will help clear a path to the front door,  past Mrs. Robin’s nest still covered deep in winter snow… We two are encouraged by little thaws to go venturing into the still deep whiteness … in search of something that might let us know that Spring is on her way…

we find that Goldenrod’s head is not so golden …  what signs are there?

we lay down these little things we have found on the table …

little treasures found in the still nearly constant whiteness that has been set aside in little places …

and with a lesson or two … (did I once know how ?) … I am taught how to knit pine cone brown while we wait a a bit longer for Spring. …

Sometimes it is enough that the old King Winter is companioned by golden sunshine to make us smile while we wait for Spring.


5 thoughts on “(glimpses) – between worlds… and waiting for spring

  1. Ah yes, the sunshine does sustain, doesn't it? Though I'll confess, the few cms of snow we got overnight were a welcome accumulation, as the big kids are off to the ski hill. Enjoying the last of the fresh powder.Lovely soothing photos you've shared!Blessings and light…


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