(around the table) – deliciousness …part 2

the weekly blizzard have now turned into every other day blizzards and weather …. and in the meantime … good things are happening indoors …

Homemade Ri-Cot -Ta (or ricotta)the recipe is too simple

 2 quarts whole milk
1 cup cream (optional)
1/2 teaspoon salt
3 table spoon fresh squeezed lemon juice

Bring milk (and cream) and salt to gentle rolling boil in a 6 quart heavy pot over moderate heat. Stir occasionally to prevent scorching. Add lemon juice and reduce heat to low  and simmer for about two minutes until the mixture currdles.

Pour into cheese-cloth lined sieve and let drain about one hour. (it’s all ready for a warm winter meal or two… maybe lasagna … we made manicotti, homemade ravioli and white pizza)

while pretty stitches practiced keep sewing needles comfortable and cozy…..

even for a little teapot enjoys handmade coziness as the snow falls

I  wonder if King Winter has know our wearied selves too  well … and laid down blanket after blanket of winter white snow ….  that we might inside our warm homes a bit longer stay so that might rest and enjoy more deliciousness….


6 thoughts on “(around the table) – deliciousness …part 2

  1. karen thank you! 🙂 I made the happy tea cozy to celebrate my birthday this month … hope you are having wonderful January coziness too!thank you … warm, warm wishes to all! ♥ pamela


  2. Your blog is just full of such loveliness. The embroidery is wonderful! Actually I wonder if you might have the same vintage embroidery I do because these are some stitches you don't see too often. (Pekinese stitch?)


  3. hello Renee …thank you! … my daughter will be so happy to hear your words … this was her first cross-stitch project in handwork this year … I feel so blessed to receive her pretty presents and hard work.:)I am very much drawn to embroidery, crewel work and many other forms of motif and pattern found in the textile arts and weaving. I have a few embroidery books (some old and some new) … I will see if I might find the name of the stitches included.Have a wonderful weekend! ~pamela


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