(around the table) – randomly christmas

as she sat … taking up knitting needles that had been set aside …

a passion took hold … her knitting quickly growing and flowing over her in the cozy corner she has made for herself

so determined to finish … it is not certain that she saw the magic taking hold…  as her knitting came to mimic the very same corner of our home she had made for herself …

those self-made wooden knitting needles had been set to work in the same way  … tirelessly … two year’s past as the great storm passed our way

… while in the quiet night came pouring down a torrent of liquid ice that froze all of our world crystalline all through.


a new knitter then …  she had taken up the making of brightly colored red and yellow scarf  for me…. when all else had stopped … the clocks, the lights, the furnace, the stove,  the water,  the roads, the shops, the pumps, our town and the towns beyond us too… all frozen as if in the Snow Queen’s realm … she went on …

keeping ourselves warm as best we could for nearly two weeks as Christmas approached…. by a little wood stove that we left only to sleep in a bed mounded with all our quilts and blankets …

cooking pioneer meals we have come to miss… while the lilac trail hedge bent in compliance to the storm and Christmas lights were silenced in the same deep darkness that had come with the powerful storm ….


and she sat in the big green chair knitting … even as the daylight faded quickly into the darkest night … and the candle’s light saw little in the deepening approach of  winter.

there is much gratitude even in drastic times … to come to know Night so intimately …. in a way that can only really be learned in the absence of light  … when no switch can turn night to day …

this was how we had met the darkest days of the year then…

today though …have I mentioned the cookies…
yes, they have finally been made… and there still may be time for a few more….

the house smells good with baking and beeswax and a pretty balsam pine that is our honored guest….

Wishing that you are warm and cozy and that your Christmas is wonderful! … Happy Holidays!!


4 thoughts on “(around the table) – randomly christmas

  1. What a beautiful, playful, sacred post! I'm so delighted to have discovered your blog. I love that you made your own knitting needles! And I think your christmas candles are just beautiful.


  2. dear rae … merry christmas to you and all your sweeties at home!! all my love ~pamelaanna … thank you so much for stopping and sharing in our little corner … wishing your holidays are beautiful!~pamela


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