(at the workbench) – glowing

I am so excited about my current projects …  I  still have more photos to take, but wanted to share a little look

…. I hope to start posting these luminous candle holders later today here.

Children studying a Waldorf curriculum enjoy the very magical study of form drawing. The forms they draw are both simple and complex. They are mathematical and artistic. They are taught to instruct the child in many ways.  Gracefully drawn,  they fill the childrens’ handmade books  ….

While working on my own projects, I came across this wonderful chart that is used to express how geometric shapes relate to one another …

In my mind I can see a very wonderful shifting of forms in all these studies. Happily dancing shapes that change from one form to another in delight. I can understand why a mathematics teacher might be so very excited to teach geometry to his or her students …

Geometry and forms are alive in this way … and that is what I I envision when I am working with “living design”.

… forms that are both exact  yet organic and dynamic…

… while I wait for delivery of parcel filled with sweet smelling, honey-scented beeswax …

to make more little tins of my  “Bee’s Make Polish by Bright Sunlight” beeswax polish

… I will share that I will be adding a larger tin size and second special blend to the traditional one that I love…

… the rain is coming down like a waterfall now … and I am thinking about all things warm, cozy and glowing as I work inside the studio today. 

Happy Autumn!


8 thoughts on “(at the workbench) – glowing

  1. Very beautiful candle holder (as are the other items in your shop that I just visited!). I love the warm autumn colours you've used. Thanks for sharing the chart of how geometric shapes relate to each other. I'm not so good at maths but have always loved geometry!All the best,Luciana


  2. Thank you for all the lovely comments … I really appreciate hearing them. I can't wait share a little more of this kind of geometry soon. Wishing everyone a gorgeous Autumn! ~Pamela


  3. Your candle holders are so beautiful! All of your creations.. I just happened to come across your etsy shop and am happy that it reminded me to visit your blog. I do look forward to teaching the beauty of geometry.Hope you are enjoying wonderful autumn days!


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