glimpses – give and take

I have wanted to write this post for over week now …

As I drove back this past Wednesday … as the seasons moved from summer to autumn … and day and night shared equally  ..

I was filled with words and would have rushed on a bit faster if not for those little reminders… crazed squirrels and low flying birds reminding me to take my time and watch the changing of the leaves …

all the plants have done their best to thrive and give fruit as best as they could ….

despite promised rainfalls straying … garden intruders feasting  … hopes waning and waxing … the garden still thrives and gives back …

insistent plants lay down their seed  … where wild plants will be welcome yet another year … to share their unexpected return

Even Mrs. Murphy has seen better days … her work has slowed …but she will stay ready for the return of any new sign of building projects still to come…


The shadows are lengthening reminding that the year turns round again … as we watch the garden making ready it’s last offerings … before we begin to prepare for a long winter  and the earth for her rest.


 that in the end … all things move toward balance despite outward appearances …


and simple meal is prepared and we are grateful.



2 thoughts on “glimpses – give and take

  1. Oh – oh I know that race! The words start to pour into your mind in JUST the right way, and if you don't get somewhere and write them, you'll lose it, but if you hurry, you'll cut the experience short. It's a curse. But you did so well. Your last line is the perfect tap on the bell, and coupled with those shots, gave me a perfect moment of peace and home. VERY well done.


  2. Oh, K … you completely understand … it is always in those places in between that the idea and the words are …. how many times before closing tired eyes at night does the light have to turn on to write another thought that cannot be lost.Thank you for sharing your kind and thoughtful comments …I appreciate it!~Pamela


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