(glimpses) – the young artist

The young artist has been busy these last weeks …

 she has completed many works in this time

and would have done more …

… had her study schedule not returned so soon … I am hopeful she will have time soon to return to the workshop… where she has set up her studio …

for the time being  …  she remains elusive ….

9 thoughts on “(glimpses) – the young artist

  1. Karen … thank you! Even before knowing it … my girl went to hanging her work … of course at eye level. 🙂 I am grateful she took things up on her own, if it had been left to me to hang the paintings it certainly might have taken quite a bit longer. Thanks for stopping by.~Pamela


  2. I cannot tell you how happy my daughter was hearing all your kind comments … we read them one by one … if I could only show you the simple joy she felt at all your words… thank you so much! ~Pamela


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